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Revolutionize your market study locally with our advanced mapping software at the lowest price on the market.

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Analyze your trade areas isochronically or isometrically in real-time with ultra-fast tools.

  • Save Money

    Geotargeting solutions at an affordable price, well below the tens of thousands of Euros charged by some competitors.

  • Save Time

    Accurate geographic and demographic statistics, supported by quality data, in 2 clicks.

  • Know Your Customers

    Access the largest collection of data for comprehensive and detailed analyses.


They Benefit from Our Services

    SMEs with Physical Presence

    Identify optimal locations and understand your trade area to attract more customers and increase sales. Benefit from precise geomarketing analyses to optimize your location decisions.

    Multi-Site Brands

    Use our mapping software to manage multiple locations and optimize your global network with accurate isochronous map data. Simplify the management of your points of sale with comprehensive analyses.

    Commercial Strategy Advisors

    Provide your clients with in-depth market studies and actionable insights using our comprehensive geomarketing tools. Offer strategic recommendations based on reliable and detailed data.

    Public Administrations

    To adjust local policies, a better study and understanding of residents allow for better response to their needs. Use our tools for accurate demographic and geographic analyses, and support your policy decisions with solid data.


Easy to Use

  • Define Your Area

    Start by delimiting your catchment area to analyze the geographical reach of your potential customers.


A Plan for Every Need

All our plans are monthly and without commitment, cancel anytime!

  • Discovery

    To get familiar with geomarketing


    • Search an address

    • Create up to 3 catchment areas

    • Isometric zones

    • Number of inhabitants by age group

  • Growth

    Expand your network of points of sale


    • Features of the Discovery plan

    • Unlimited number of zones

    • Isochronous zones

    • Demographic data

    • Household and housing data

    • Income per inhabitant indicator

  • Enterprise

    Manage an existing network

    Contact us

    • Features of the Growth plan

    • Custom reports

    • Choice of logos

    • Import your data

    • Export data in Excel format

    • Work on the revenue forecast for a new location

Everything you need

Easy to use, but incredibly powerful.

+34% turnover compared to a location without our solution

Isochrone Trade Area

Instantly visualize your trade area with our automated mapping tools.

Intuitive interface for easy handling without advanced technical knowledge.

Powerful features for increased conversions, such as demographic and income analyses.

... and Isometric

You can also easily transpose all your analysis to 'as-the-crow-flies' distances.

  • Demographic Data

    Adapt your area analysis according to your business needs with simple to use filters and settings.

    Modify location data in real-time without requiring technical expertise.

    Customizable reports for better understanding of your market and effective strategic planning.

  • Fast Speed

    Benefit from extremely fast data processing, allowing you to make real-time decisions.

    Designed for performance, handling large volumes of data.

    Quick information for increased responsiveness to market changes, your competitive advantage.

  • Professional Design

    Advanced analyses presented via a sleek and adaptive dashboard.

  • Quick Start

    Intuitive design and guided setup for quick skill acquisition without extensive training.

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Use our unique application to start your trade area analysis in minutes and turn data into winning strategies.

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    Customize the interface according to your brand identity and market analysis preferences.

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    Easily upload your store information and integrate market data for refined analyses.

  • 3

    Leverage our in-depth insights to effectively target and grow your market presence.